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Mbuya Dizha on a trip to Kenya in 2005

RMT was established in 2007 in memory of the late  Mbuya Rozaria Dizha, a community woman leader  whose life embodied the principles of caring, sharing  and innovation. Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT) supports innovative  initiatives that promote education, health and  entrepreneurship for women and young people in  resource poor communities.






As a Trust, our work continues to focus on access to education and health especially to children living with HIV and those in very difficult circumstance. We facilitate access to treatment, ART literacy for care-givers; work with schools and assist with books and educations materials. We also are excited about our livelihoods projects for affected families. We are always seeking to create opportunities for exposure, mentor ship and exchange for the young people in Murewa.

We are in over 40 villages, reaching more than 20,000 people and working with 10 schools and 3 health centers.

 We have an extraordinary team at our office at Chigumadzi complex near Murewa post office. Those who are travelling there or down to Mutoko, simply pass by and meet our amazing team of staff and volunteers. Those going to Mukarakate, Macheke, through Magaya, stop by Mbuya Rozaria’s homestead, there is always water in the kitchen, take a little rest before you proceed with your journey. 

For more information:

You can email us on rozaria@africaonline.co.zw.