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Plans Underway for Research on Children with Disabilities

Posted by on 04/01/2012

Marvelleous : Courtesy B Madzivanzira, 2011

Rozaria Memorial Trust plans to deepen its support to children with disabilities in communities. Building on its more than five years of experience in supporting under-privileged children, the organisations seeks to undertake a district survey for children with disabilities in Murewa, Zimbabwe.

This will determine the number of children need support, type and quality of services and social protection programmes. Many children are unable to access basic health care services or attend school due to disability and the poverty situation of their care-givers and families. RMT will use survey to develop a long-term programme of support and effect quality policy advocacy.

Children with physical and mental disabilities remain largely unknown and invisible within our communities. Many of them are unable to access health care, education, social support and other services. Often times they are abused and violated and live with stigma and discrimination.

RMT seeks to undertake a comprehensive survey of children 0-18 years with disabilities and the kind of care giving and social support available. This is a one year project in support of advocacy for social protection. The survey results will be used to inform the targetting of services to this sector in the district planning especially for health care, education, psycho-social and legal services.

It will also enable RMT to develop a long term programme of support, services, training, outreach that will qualitatively reach the children, the care-givers and their families. The information available will be used in public awareness for protection and addressing some of the socio-cultural barriers and attitudes.

“We have seen many girls and boys out of school, because of disabilities. With more information, we are able to able to reach more children and advocate for government to have good social protection policies and increase quality of services to children with disabilities” stressed¬†Kudakwashe Dizha, spokesperson for ¬†Rozaria Memorial Trust

The project will provide quality access to children with disabilities in Murewa, and offer the protection of their rights, thus unleashing the life potential of the children and improving their quality of life.

Rozaria Memorial Trust is committed to the International Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted by the United Nations in 2006.