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A Woman with Disability, Victim of Sexual Violence Yet to See Justice in Gokwe

Posted by on 07/01/2012

The court case wah remanded yet again this last Thursday in Gokwe, Zimbabwe. S, a woman with disability was raped more than 5 years ago by a man who lives in the same community. Until today, the rapist is out and going on with his life; S is still living with the trauma of the rape, the trauma of seing this man every day, and the hopelessness of the justice system.

Living with her old and por parents, S has on many ocassions contemplated death, wondered about the meaning of life when the family is socially ostracised. A number of women’s organisations in Zimbabwe including Disabled Women Support Organisation and the Women and AIDS Support Network are seeking ways to provide support in this difficult and painful case. Justice delayed is indeed justice denied.

Women with disabilities face multiple challenges in soceity beyond the complexities caused by the form of disabilities. They usually find themselves on the extreme margins of soceity, with limited access to services, social support or legal protection.

Rozaria Memorial Trust is fully committed to the implementation of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006). It encourages the Zimbabwe Government to take measures towards implementation.

RMT is planning to undertake a district level survery in Murewa on situation of children and especially girls with disabilities. The results will provide evidence and data for long term advocacy for social protection and quality provision of services.

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