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“Every Child; Every Girl Must be Educated” – RMT Special Christmas Message

Posted by on 27/12/2012

Ms Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda Visits Magaya Primary School, Zimbabwe and shares her 2012 Minerva Award

We bring joy, happiness and blessings of the season to all our friends, volunteers, supporters and well- wishers.

This year you have helped us to support over 100 children living with HIV to have access to education and Anti-Retroviral Therapy. We have worked with 30 villages in Murewa, we have collaborated with 9 schools, and 3 health centers, reaching over 10,000 people.

We have contributed to the construction of new toilets at Magaya school. We remain on our feet with you all, seeking opportunities for health, education and better life for our people.

This year, when I received the Minerva Award for the 20 years of work in advancing the rights and well being of women and girls, the best I could do was to brign the award to my former primary school, my community and our students. As a rural girl, I know how education has liberated, empowered and offered me new opportunities in life. I wish the same of every other child. Every child, every girl must be educated. Its a right and not a priviledge.

Be blessed for your generosity of heart. We look forward to your continued friendship and accompaniment in the coming year. Thank you thank you, on behalf of all the children and their families.

Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, founder and chairperson, RMT.