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Dadirai is our miracle child – You All Made this Possible

Posted by on 01/12/2013

A few days after Dadirai was born, her mother died. She was left with her grandmother, Mbuya Chibanda, who barely had any means to help the little one. The Chitate Village HIV Support Group immediately approached Rozaria Memorial Trust  (RMT) for assistance. Little Dadi was ill and her mother had died of AIDS related illnesses. It was a very sad day for the family, and a day of despair as each person looked at the few-days-old frail baby in her grandmother’s hands!

RMT immediately provided Dadi with infant feeding and other supplements. The Trust also assisted the grandmother with agriculture inputs, so that the family could also some measure of food security. RMT HIV Coordinator, Colleta Zinyama visited Dadi and her grandmother at least once a month. There is no reliable transport, therefore often she had to walk about 11 kilometers return from Murewa Centre to Chitate Villlage

Dadi was immediately placed on treatment which was yet another challenge. Dadi’s grandmother and others in the family had to attend the Paediatriac Anti-Retroviral Treatment Literacy classes, because compliance and monitoring is crucial RMT helped Mbuya Chibanda with busfare and accompanied her as she visited Murewa District hospital with little Dadirai.

Well, its more than two years now, and our Dadirai is a bouncing girl, playing around and accompanying her grandmother to fetch water and firewood. She is so full of life, energy and all. All what we dream of is that one day she will finish her education, get a decent job, raise her own family and still live positively.

Thank you friends for all your support to children and young people living with HIV. You donations and gifts go a long long way in giving life opportunities to our children.