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The history of Rozaria Memorial Trust may seem to start with the death of the late Mbuya Rozaria Marumisa Dizha on 19th of January 2006, and the subsequent registration of the organisation in 2007. The year 2012 therefore marks 5 years since the founding of the Trust. However, the inspiration and values of the Trust draws from the life history of the late Mbuya Dizha, lived through over eight decades since the 1920s.

The pages of history will therefore cover the following key milestone events:

  • The death of a heroine and the birth of a Trust
  • The formative years: Midwives and Dialogues
  • Responding to Emergencies: HIV and AIDS , and Cholera
  • Consolidation: A Focus on Children Living With HIV
  • Partners: THE Journey of Solidarity
  • Vision for the Future : The Decade to Come