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RMT programme priorities support the organisation to meet its vision and core mission.

Rights and opportunities for women and children

Rozaria Memorial Trust enhances opportunities for women and children through safe spaces, education and prevention of teenage pregnancy and child marriage, as well providing a second chance to married girls and   young mothers. RMT  advocate for the prevention of intimate partner violence,supports survivors of domestic violence and address negative cultural practices.Through the work at district and national level RMT advocates for reform and implementation of laws such as 18+, SADC Model Law.

Access to education and health

HIV prevention care with target focus on pediatric HIV, support for access to education for children living with HIV and SRHR for adolescents. . RMT has strong focus on promoting positive living and providing economic opportunities for Women Living with HIV in the rural communities to encourage retention on ART and mitigate the impact of HIV a family level respectively. RMT also focuses on strengthening Community support groups for HIV affected families and HIV prevention through youth led initiatives  like (music and sport)

Research and advocacy

Research and advocacy work for quality programming and sustainability influencing at national, regional and global levels.

Partnerships and collaborations

Rozaria Memorial Trust works with different partners and collaborates with other civic organisations, government institutions and private sector to ensure success and impact.