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Access to education and health

Special Initiative on Children and HIV

Rozaria Memorial Trust commits to and is contributing to the global goal to end AIDS related deaths, and especially in children. This special project support children living with HIV to access treatment and education.



Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT) is supporting almost 100 children living with HIV in Murewa, Zimbabwe to access treatment and education; and over 2000 students with information on positive living thereby increasing their opportunities and potential in life. The project covers 30 villages in the district of est.23 000 people, where the HIV prevalence is 23% against the national average of 13%. RMT empowers care-givers and collaborate with schools, health institutions and others in this program.



Murewa district, Zimbabwe has a 23% HIV prevalence rate, and mostly for children and women. This is in a rural resource poor community and most children have problems with access to treatment. Due to levels of illiteracy and the complex nature of HIV treatment, most children need support with information to ensure access and adherence to Anti-Retroviral Therapy. Care-givers and teachers are trained to assist the children to have life saving medicine and remain active community members.

The project provides training opportunity on access to and compliance with ART therapy for children living with HIV. Training will also be provided to care-givers and teachers. Regular medical check up is an important component. It subsidises school fees for children living with HIV thus enabling the care-givers to provide for food, medicine and other basic needs for the children. The project therefore empowers both the children and the care-givers with practical services and support.

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The children will have quality and healthy life in a supportive community and school environment. The information from the project will also contribute to review of pediatric HIV programmes including treatment policies in Zimbabwe and globally. Many of the children on ART treatment are effectively participating in school, increasing their educational and career opportunities in life

“My life changed since I disclosed my status. RMT supported me while in school and I became a peer educator. I have just spent one year as an intern, supporting other children to live positively”, saidĀ  Belinda Musendo, Youth Intern, 2011 – Rozaria Memorial Trust.






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