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Rights and opportunities for women and children

RMT enhances opportunities for women and children through safe spaces, education and prevention of teenage pregnancy and child marriage, as well providing a second chance to married girls and   young mothers.


Young girls are a key stakeholder in creating change and advancing development. They can have significant impact in changing social norms including gender norms. Girls and young women are not a statistic. They are people with voice, energy and creativity. They are the humanitarian actors of today.

Rozaria Girls Clubs are a  special project we have in 10 schools in Murewa.  The clubs  intend to reach the girls that are most at risk between the ages of 10 through to 18. It’s all about creating safe spaces where girls can learn , share experiences and give each other peer support.


RGC members March in 2015 (picture taken from our social media space. Follow us on Facebook to see more ! )

“The girls choose their own committee i.e their own president and so on. The club’s focus on the capacity building on sexual reproductive health and HIV prevention. Membership is from 10-18 years. Everyone who wants to join the club can join. They also usually talk about matters that concern them ” –  Melissa Kubvoruno

  The aim is mobilize young women to gain self-confidence and life skills , and find a safe space to discuss the world around them.  Mirna Ines Fernández stated that “Young people are the protagonists of thinking out of the box. They can themselves create new definitions of what is masculinity and femininity, and break the stereotypes that are root causes of gender inequality”. The aim is also to use traditional and social media , arts and other forms of communication  to raise the voices of young people worldwide. The club will encourage young girls to be the change they want to see in the world.


The girls also get the opportunity to engage with  other youth , Civil society and the public  to advocate for the issues they feel passionate about. This is done through participating in conferences , marches and movements globally which support the girl child.  Girls from the Clubs have participated in

  • The Girl Summit  in London  2014

  • The Ecosoc Youth forum 2015  at the United Nations in New York  where we had a Member speak on a panel (see picture on  the right )

  • ecosocYWCSW – the young Women’s Caucus hosted by the World YWCA, leading up to CSW ( commission on the status of women) which is held annually in New York

  • UN March for Gender Equality , Beijing Plus 20 event in New York, 8th of March 2015

  • GIMAC – Gender is my Agenda Campaign 2015 leading up to the AU SUMMIT  where the year’s theme was  Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development Towards Africa’s Agenda 2063.

  • Day of the African Child 2015 Commemoration  Hosted by the AU in Soweto , South Africa




The extraordinary girls from RMT  with  other  youth from Roots Africa and Plan Zimbabwe with founder of RMT Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda at the recent Day of the African Child celebrations in Soweto.   They all traveled together to South Africa  to take part in GIMAC and side events at the AU Summit. This was at the Hector Pieterson museum following a march to end child marriage.





Guiding Principles

By becoming a member each girl agrees to abide by the guiding principles listed below

*Stay in school and put their all in their academic studies.(For every year spent in school, people increase their net worth).

*Support and motivate each other.

*Be polite and always be respectful.

*Be willing to step up into leadership positions when you are called to. . ( This is done to help build up leadership skills and confidence)

*The girls shall choose their own committee i.e president and so on. These positions shall rotate among all members


For more information ,  or questions , comments and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact Us:




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