Board of Trustees

Rozaria Memorial Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees which sets the policy, provides oversight and advises on the operations of the organisation. Its members are drawn from a diversity of experiences and expertise. It includes representatives of the family, community leaders and experts. The Board meets 3 times every year under the leadership of the Chair and the advice of the Patron.

  • Chairperson: Mrs Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda She is a human rights lawyer.
  • Vice Chairperson: Mr Patrick Mugaragumbo, retired retail sales expert and farmer.
  • Secretary: Gladys Yona, a community leader and social mobiliser.
  • Vice Secretary: Hilda Chitsanzara, an entreprenuer and social activist.
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Taonezvi, an educationist
  • Deputy Treasurer: Modester Chengahomwe, a teacher and peace building expert
  • Committee Member: Pascal Dheka, Safety and Security expert
  • Committee Member: Batanayi Matuku, IT Expert
  • Committee Member: Enerst Muzambi, aviation technician
  • Committee Member: Kudzanayi Mugaragumbo, motor mechanic technician.
  • Committee Member: Tendayi Berejena, public relations expert
Patron: Emmanuel Dizha, hospitality and services expert.