Girls Empowerment for Improved Adolescents SRH, Self Esteem, Agency & Voice

Rozaria Girls Clubs Initiative


Rozaria Memorial Trust work over the years have shown the importance of creating safe and empowering spaces for girls, in which they could have the crucial conversations on issues that affect them. It has been observed that they are entrenched cultural and social barriers that inhibit girls to fully express or explore their potential in mixed gender groups or inter-generational spaces with adults. They also need the spaces to develop and grow their leadership skills, self esteem, life skills that enable them to then be equipped for engagement in society from an empowered position.

Therefore, Rozaria Memorial Trust developed a model for girl’s safe space and established in and out of school Rozaria Girls Clubs. Furthermore the trust uses girls sports as a catalyst for social change , using the campaign HEALTHY BODIES BRIGHT MINDS.  We use soccer  to address issues of SRHR, HIV, teen pregnancy and Child Marriage.




Open Letters To Mrs. N. Gumbonzvanda (Chief Executive Officer of Rozaria Memorial Trust)


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The day I met Gogo N.G
by Audrey Mukorama